Restoration Solution for Old Image
As a visual imprint of an era, video fills the imagination and meaning of history in its unique way. Many precious old videos, due to their age, long-term storage and repeated broadcasting, commonly suffer from damage and deterioration, which leads to a great loss of viewing experience for later users. How to bring the old images back to life is one of the major topics for TV stations to solve urgently.


High cost of manual restoration

The number of frames of each film is basically more than 100,000 frames, and it often requires more than ten people to restore it together. The workload of manual restoration is huge, the restoration cycle is long and costly.

Historical classics are buried

Many historical memories and classic film and television works have been gradually forgotten over time, and the video copyright assets accumulated by TV stations over the years have been sealed for a long time, not playing their value.

Poor storage conditions

The Radio & TV industry has accumulated a large amount of valuable audio and video information, due to the limitations of storage conditions and the characteristics of the storage media itself, many precious information has been damaged and lost.

Less HD material

Most of the audio and video history materials shot and preserved by major TV stations and media are only in SD version, which cannot meet the broadcasting requirements of HD channel.


Imperial Vision Technology incorporates a number of AI technologies, including super resolution, image quality restoration, HDR color enhancement, video frame insertion, area intelligent enhancement, high frame rate remastering, black-and-white coloring and other series of AI video quality technologies that can quickly remaster old images to HD. The comprehensive application of these technologies effectively solves the problem of UHD content shortage and makes old and precious images come alive again.    

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Super Resolution
For the first time, Imperial Vision Technology's AI super-resolution algorithm has built a 150-layer neural network model through dense connection network technology to significantly improve the effect of reconstructed images; meanwhile, it uses knowledge distillation technology to improve the reconstruction speed of super-resolution algorithm by 4-9 times.
Video Restoration
AI-based 4K UHD video remastering technology can reset low resolution, low frame rate SDR video content to high resolution, high frame rate HDR 4K video, allowing users to enjoy image quality with super high definition.
Image Quality Enhancement
Video quality enhancement technology integrates AI image processing algorithms such as super-resolution, adaptive denoising, adaptive removing pseudo-shadow, deblurring, color enhancement, and high frame rate reproduction to provide video with higher definition and improve user's experience.
Visual Materials Enhancement
Support for processing large batches of audio and video clips, containing more than a dozen AI algorithms, restoring old movies that are not clear, denoising, descratching, black-and-white coloring, watermark, logo, mosaic removing and many other video editing functions.
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