AI Detection Solution for Gas Filling Station
There are illegal filling phenomena in the gas cylinder filling industry, such as artificial unlocking, multiple charging with one code, non-own property rights bottles, filling scale systems and other irregularities. The gas station filling unit lacks risk control and safety precautions.


One yard multi-charge

Manual unlocking and multiple charging with one yard make it uncontrollable when filling gas cylinders at the gas cylinder filling station.

There are many illegal fillings

There are violations such as illegal filling of expired bottles, non-own property rights bottles, and failure to upload filling records.

Insufficient regulatory power

The supervision power is limited, and it is impossible to effectively supervise the filling process of the filling enterprises in real time.

Weak awareness of production safety

Gas station filling units have weak awareness of production safety and lack of risk control and safety precautions.


The first “Intelligent Monitoring System Solution for Gas Cylinder Filling” in the country adopts the new technology of mobile Internet + artificial intelligence, introduces a new model of “Internet + Supervision”, combines real-time video picture data collection of filling stations with AI analysis, and monitors gas cylinders. The gas cylinder filling record data collected in real time by the safety traceability management system is calculated and compared and analyzed, the illegal video is captured intelligently, and the law enforcement evidence is locked, so as to realize the intelligent supervision and targeted supervision of the filling process, and effectively implement the standard filling of gas cylinders.    

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AI identification and control
In real time, the on-site gas cylinder filling video surveillance data, AI intelligent identification data, comparative analysis data, and statistical analysis data of gas cylinder filling enterprises are gathered into a unified platform, and AI video image recognition technology is used to form a comprehensive data intelligent supervision and intelligent data analysis. .
AI data analysis
Relying on the work of "Internet + intelligent filling", AI intelligent analysis is carried out on the video images collected from the filling station, and a comparative analysis is made with the filling record data automatically uploaded by the system.
A Neural Network Algorithm for Gas Cylinder Target Detection
Through the screenshot of the video signal, the AI identifies the position and coordinate information of the gas cylinder in the whole picture.
Area-specific gas cylinder detection algorithm
Manually locate and mark the filling and weighing information in all camera videos, and identify and determine whether there is a gas cylinder at the weighing position through AI algorithms.
Regulatory Trinity
Form a set of cylinder safety supervision system integrating industry self-discipline, government supervision and public supervision.
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