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The UHD video industry now has a trillion dollar market size and continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Utilizing AI+5G technology, the original historical videos and SD videos can be restored into HD/UHD videos at low cost and high efficiency, providing high-quality, The low-bandwidth 4K/8K UHD channel construction capability provides a powerful tool for UHD content creation.


4K content production cost is high

The production cost of UHD content is high, which causes the serious insufficiency of content supply. Most of the video quality is SD and HD video.

4K content supply and demand structure is unbalanced

There are more than 300 million 4K TV users in the world, and the 4K content that families can watch is insufficient, resulting in an extreme imbalance between the supply and demand of users and UHD content.

Insufficient 5G network coverage

The 5G network coverage and the edge computing capability of the data center are insufficient and not enough to support the production and consumption of UHD content anytime, anywhere.

4K channel construction is difficult

The construction of UHD channels involves a series of system upgrades and reconstruction of acquisition, edition, and broadcasting, which is costly and difficult to complete.


In response to the lack of 4K/8K UHD content, Imperial Vision Technology utilizes 5G + AI technology to enhance the image quality of SD video to 4K/8K UHD video from five dimensions, quickly replenish the 4K/8K content library, while combining advanced heterogeneous coding technology to provide 4K/8K UHD channel construction capability with high image quality and low bandwidth. At the same time, the technology can be used to upconvert old precious videos and SD videos to 1080P content, quickly realize the restoration and rebirth of old materials and HD reproduction, boost real-time SD broadcast signals to HD signals, and provide a fast and low-cost minimalist HD upgrade solution.    

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Super Resolution
For the first time, Imperial Vision Technology's AI super-resolution algorithm has built a 150-layer neural network model through dense connection network technology to significantly improve the effect of reconstructed images; meanwhile, it uses knowledge distillation technology to improve the reconstruction speed of super-resolution algorithm by 4-9 times.
Video Repair
AI-based 4K UHD video remastering technology can reset low resolution, low frame rate SDR video content to high resolution, high frame rate HDR 4K video, allowing users to enjoy image quality with super high definition.
Image Quality Enhancement
Video quality enhancement technology integrates AI image processing algorithms such as super-resolution, adaptive denoising, adaptive removing pseudo-shadow, deblurring, color enhancement, and high frame rate reproduction to provide video with higher definition and improve user's experience.
Video Compression
CPU+GPU heterogeneous coding technology is used to compress the video more efficiently, which can effectively compress at least 30% of the video volume without affecting the video clarity to compress the video to a smaller size, compatible with mainstream video codecs to reduce bandwidth costs for transmission of ultra-high definition video.
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