Fully Automatic Video Enhancement Production System
IVHDMaker-F automatic video enhancement production system can realize batch automatic enhancement of videos in media production. It's the first smart product with built-in AI algorithm that realize UHD upconversion of video, supports SD video to HD video, HD video to 4K UHD video, and 4K UHD to 8K conversion.

IVHDMaker F Series AI Enhanced Contrast Effect

Product Advantages

Technical Features


Image Quality Enhancement by AI

- Generate a single frame up to 2TFLOPS (2 teraflops)     

- Support super resolution algorithm of Super video(Up-conversion of image quality from SD to HD, HD to HD, HD to 4K (HDR), HD to 8K, 4K to 8K)    

- Creativity Gamut color enhancement algorithm, realize AI spatial mapping of color gamur from BT.709 to BT.2020.    

- HDR Tonemapping algorithm, SDR/LDR to HLG curve mapping    

- Support smart tone mapping algorithm    

- Supports video quality improvement at constant resolution    

- Support video anti-aliasing algorithm    

- MEMC frame field adaptation/motion compensation de-interlacing algorithm    

Application Scenarios
HD Channel Transformation Media Repository Construction
Utilize AI technology to enhance and upgrade old SD material to HD material
4K/8K UHD Program Generation
Enhanced HD videos to 4k/8k from five dimensions provide enhancements close to real 4k shots.

Cooperation Cases

Beijing Radio & Television Station

Beijing Radio and Television Station  is China's first provincial 4K UHD channel broadcast via artificial satellite, and the only domestic channel that broadcasts SD, HD and UHD together.However, a large number of  special effects clips and  videos of Beijing R&T Station cannot reach broadcasting standards of 4K program in terms of details and picture quality effects, etc. Imperial Vision Technology provided IVHDMaker-F fully automatic video enhancement production system for Beijing R&T Station, which met the demand of Upconversion from HD video 4K,  and helped Beijing R&T Station completing the construction of 4K channel. 

Tianyi Shixun Media Co., Ltd. of China Telecom

Tianyi Shixun Media Co., Ltd. is a professional comprehensive video website, which brings together more than 160 live TV channels and program previews such as CCTV, and provides genuine HD movies, TV series, variety shows, documentaries, animations, and micro-movies. Since the audience's demand for video quality is getting higher and higher, by providing video enhancement services, Imperial Vision up-converts it's videos to 4K quality, enriches content in the 4K zone and brings better image quality to users.    

Handan Radio & TV Station

Handan Radio & TV Station  is the main channel for the public to obtain information in Handan. The comprehensive news channel, public channel, and S&T education channel of Handan Radio & TV Station officially achieved HD broadcasting, and transmitted through the Handan cable TV network and IPTV, covering a total of about 1.75 million households and a population of 10 million. Imperial Vision Technology's IVHDMaker-F automatic video enhancement production system helps Handan Radio & TV station to upgrade the image quality from SD to HD, realize the improvement of video quality and helps construct Handan's HD channel.    

Daqing Oilfield R&TV Station

Daqing Oilfield R&TV Station is a media under the Daqing Oilfield Information Port, sharing the daily life of Daqing people. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China, Imperial Vision Technology provided IVHDMaker-F automatic video enhancement production system to restore and enhance the 40-episode documentary "Collection of Daqing" for Daqing Oilfield R&TV Station, representing the spirit of Daqing and the spirit of Iron Man.    

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