Tempered Glass Smart Scanner
The AI visual recognition and analysis technology independently developed by Emperor Vision Technology can automatically scan tempered glass and analyze the state of glass fragments; accurately calculate the length, area and weight of each glass; Count the number of long-shaped fragments whose length exceeds the standard requirements and the number of blade-shaped fragments that are easy to cause harm to the human body in the detection area; according to various requirements of national and international standards, set a number of judging standards for whether the product is qualified or not and output the test report and other main functions. Realize automatic and intelligent detection of various point and linear appearance defects of automobile glass fragments, solve the problems of high labor cost, difficult detection, and poor yield stability in the production process of glass panels, and effectively improve product quality and production capacity At the same time, multi-dimensional analysis of defect data can help customers optimize processes, improve product yield, and achieve the necessary indicators of automotive glass damage safety.

Tempered glass intelligent scanning inspection video

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