Solution for Portraits Restoration Judgment & Research of Public Security
Imperial Vision Technology independently developed AI photo enhancement algorithm technology, through AI empowerment, to promote public security information construction, to provide accurate and effective information technology means for safe city construction and public security protection.


High labor cost

With the nationwide construction and application of social security video surveillance, the video surveillance coverage has basically met the needs of local public security organs, but image data analysis still relies heavily on manual processing.

Low intelligence

Relying on manual monitoring, the degree of intelligence is low, unable to achieve large-scale video surveillance environment of prior perception, in the event of linkage, after the effective processing and intelligent retrieval.

Low definition

Due to the old monitoring equipment, weather or light, part of the acquired video and image quality blurred, it is difficult to extract key information, increasing the difficulty of public security departments in the detection and tracking.

Monitoring management platform is not perfect

The large number of front-end video surveillance, and high degree of management and integration pose great difficulties for immediate perception, precise analysis, and rapid search of public safety events.


Relying on its self-developed AI photo enhancement algorithm technology, DSI deploys a special network for public security to promote the construction of public security information through AI empowerment and assist public security personnel to carry out their work more efficiently and conveniently. Using self-developed artificial intelligence image generation and repair technology, AI can effectively solve the problem of blurred and low definition photos in the public security sector by improving the picture quality and clarity of photos with a single click, helping police officers to work more efficiently and comprehensively improving the ability of public security prevention and control.    

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Leading Core Algorithm
Self-developed face restoration and enhancement algorithms, leading in the industry, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence image generation and restoration technology, can achieve image quality enhancement of video in batches and clarity improvement of old pictures (videos), blurred pictures (videos), and low-resolution pictures (videos).
Lightweight Access
Provide rich and mature API interface, easy to integrate upward or downward, to make up for the aging of existing surveillance equipment resulting in the inability to obtain high-quality images and video information, and the high cost of replacing high-definition cameras in large quantities.
Image Quality Optimization of Surveillance Video
When surveillance video is affected by weather, light, fog and other factors, resulting in unrecognizable image details, the image can be optimized by image detail enhancement, dark light enhancement, image defogging and other technologies to reconstruct recognizable image details.
Resolution Improvement in Face Detection
With the most advanced face detection and positioning technology, intelligent denoising technology, face super-resolution technology and background super-resolution technology, the resolution of photos will be improved, noise in photos will be removed, and details and textures of people will be enhanced.
Efficient Empowerment by AI Technologies
Empowered by AI, it can effectively solve the problem of blurred photos and low clarity in the public security sector, help police officers quickly identify suspicious people, work more efficiently, and comprehensively improve security control capabilities.
Deployment of Diverse Scenario
It supports public cloud, private cloud and private network deployment, adopts API remote calling service, which can be called and used anytime and anywhere by simply entering the address inside the public security system, and is compatible with multiple formats of image input.
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