Intelligent Supervision Solution for Food Safty
In the face of frequent food safety incidents, the regulatory departments of the provincial and municipal governments have stepped up their supervision. Although more manpower and material resources have been invested in the supervision of food production enterprises and catering units, there are still many catering units in the face of large numbers. It is difficult to achieve effective supervision by existing supervision methods.


Frequent food safety issues

There are few inspections and restrictions in the kitchen after the catering, and the phenomenon of dirty and messy food is serious, and food safety accidents occur frequently.

Food safety supervision is difficult

For the supervision department, there are a large number of catering units, but the number of supervisors is insufficient, and the supervision force is relatively weak, making it difficult to achieve effective supervision.

There are many illegal operations

For catering institutions, it is difficult to standardize and unify daily operations, and irregular behaviors such as not wearing work caps, work clothes, and masks are often seen.

Food safety is difficult to trace

For the public, it is difficult for people to know where the ingredients come from, and it is difficult to give feedback on the opinions and evaluation of food.


Comprehensively use cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and data science, integrate existing resources such as market supervision departments, education departments, and smart network projects, innovate supervision service methods, and build an Internet + "bright kitchen and bright kitchen" smart supervision platform , open up the chain of "sensing, knowing, and using" food safety-related data, automatically collect multi-source data such as sensors, video surveillance, food supply chain, key personnel, etc., and transform it into knowledge through data fusion to guide decision-making reasonably; Turn the alarm into an early warning, truly realize the replacement of human defense with technical prevention, improve the intelligence of food safety supervision and scientific decision-making, and form a collaborative management pattern of "subject self-discipline, government supervision, and social supervision", and jointly build and govern a "sunshine kitchen". Ensure food safety.    

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Unified standard, high transparency
The platform provides interface development capabilities according to the general standards for software development, and is connected to the municipal bureau platform.
Intelligent supervision
Platform construction includes regulatory applications, school self-inspection and self-inspection, AI intelligent analysis, raw material registration, food safety knowledge, market supervision and smart big data support.
data interconnection
The mobile applications on the supervisory end and the user end are implemented through the WeChat applet, which is easy to operate and ensures the consistency and real-time transmission of data information.
Smart and convenient
Through the construction of AI intelligent analysis technology and WeChat applet, it has strong practicality and friendly experience, and improves supervision efficiency.
Multi-party collaborative supervision
Provide video interfaces that support national standard agreements, integrate existing resources of various departments and schools, and promote multi-party collaborative supervision.
Jointly build credit supervision
Make full use of member scoring, evaluation, and complaint mechanisms to promote self-discipline of all parties and create a good atmosphere for food safety co-governance.
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