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With the development of smart phones and network technology as well as the innovation of content forms such as livestream and short videos, chinese Internet video services have entered a period of rapid development. At present, close to 80% of the traffic on the Internet like watching video/image, which also bring huge pressure on transmission bandwidth cost.


Increased cost of image and video traffic

With the development of smart phones ,At present, close to 80% of the traffic on the Internet like watching video/image, which also bring huge pressure on transmission bandwidth cost.

Poor visual experience for users

Most service providers choose lossy compressing video and image sources to reduce the transmitted number of bytes, which can result in declined resolution of video and image or lower image quality .

Low definition

Due to factors such as mobile phone pixels limitation or weather, light, etc., the quality of the captured photos are blurry and full of noise and unrecognizable.

High requirements of users

With the continuous upgrades of mobile phones' hardware, users have higher and higher requirements for photos quality.


Based on the latest AI technology and high performance heterogeneous coding technology, Imperial Vision Technology proposes an innovative solution that utilizes the terminal's edge computing capability to super-resolution amplification and picture quality restoration for downloaded videos and pictures, and the latest CPU+GPU high performance heterogeneous coding technology to minimize the consumed network resources in a nearly lossless situation, which can achieve 30% bandwidth cost savings and improve the picture quality and terminal's display effect.    

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Reduction of Bandwidth
Imperial Vision Technology's image compression and enhancement technology can allow users to save more than 30% of traffic without sacrificing viewing quality, and even improve visual effects.
Super Resolution
Deep learning-based image super-resolution technology can reconstruct low-resolution pictures into high-resolution pictures, enjoying every detail of the pictures, and the HD image reconstruction effect of Imperial Vision Technology reaches the international leading level.
Image Quality Restoration
Deep learning-based image quality restoration technology can remove pseudo-shadow, mosaic and other problems generated by the image compression process, making the picture cleaner.
Color Enhancement
Color enhancement technology based on deep learning can adaptively adjust color saturation and screen contrast according to image content to make colors more vivid and enhance image details; for poorly lit images such as night scenes, it can significantly enhance hidden details and make the image more informative.
Algorithm Performance
Adopting the underlying acceleration engine deeply optimized by the Imperial Vision Technology's heterogeneous computing team, it provides industry-leading real-time performance and compatibility.
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