Archives Restoration and Reproduction Solutions
Archives refer to original records with preservation value that are directly formed by people in diverse social activities in various forms. It is difficult to preserve the archives due to the time. In response to the risks faced by traditional video archives, AI technology is applied to restore precious video archives to HD content, quickly realize the restoration and rebirth of video archives and HD reproduction and the preservation and arrangement and utilization of video archives.


The amount of work involved in restoration and remastering is big

The manual restoration and reproduction of archives require a lot of work, and its efficiency is low while cost is high.

Repairs and rework are technically demanding

Due to the time and the storage medium, many contents in the video archives have been spotted, stained or even damaged, and the technical difficulty of file restoration and reproduction is very difficult.

Quality of valuable old video archives declining

Many precious and old video files have been played repeatedly, the damage and playback quality degradation of them are common, which lead to a great reduction in the value of those files, or even loss.

Difficulty in accessing files

Traditional old image materials, usually preserved in the form of paper or film, are difficult to retrieve and borrow, and cannot bring into play their value of the reuse of precious videos.


Utilizing artificial intelligence technology to restore precious old video archives to HD content without destroying the original archives, we can quickly realize the restoration and rebirth of precious old video archives and HD reproduction, further improve the management level of video archives and value mining, try to extend the research results to the whole process of production, broadcasting, storage and distribution in the media industry, so as to adapt to the needs of the new communication environment to the greatest extent, release the maximum effectiveness of video archives and achieve both social and economic benefits.    

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Video archive's super resolution algorithm
Integrate a variety of AI technologies such as universal hyper-segmentation model, face-specific hyper-segmentation model and noise suppression algorithm to train the algorithm and establish a standard library of data models to achieve accurate matching and automatic repair without distortion, thus improving the source reliability and security of video archive data.
Build a combined algorithm pool
Integrate super resolution technology, deblurring technology, high frame rate technology and other restoration algorithms, build a pool for combined algorithms, and automatically select processing paths based on video features in order to optimize the processing process and improve efficiency.
Intelligent image quality evaluation system
An intelligent evaluation system based on the subjective perception of the human eye, instead of using metrics such as PSNR/SSIM/VMAF, which are commonly used in academia and industry today, is used to evaluate the restored or enhanced videos, so that they are more in line with the subjective perception of human viewing.
Enhanced heterogeneous optimization techniques
Targeted optimization of heterogeneous systems will be used to reduce arithmetic power requirements, provide computational basis for research on lightweight models and algorithms, and use CoreAVC with CUDA to implement software decoding on display cores to solve compatibility issues.
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