Overall Solution for Bamboo and Wood Intelligent Manufacturing
Bamboo enterprises are difficult to recruit, with low labor efficiency and high false detection rate for a long time. Through AI technology and intelligent production equipment to achieve Industry 4.0, reduce labor dependence, solve the long-term pain points of the industry, greatly save production costs and improve production efficiency, Helping the intelligent upgrade of the bamboo products industry.


Service quality varies

The quality of service in the bamboo and wood processing industry is difficult to control, resulting in uneven quality and frequent quality problems.

business cost increase

As the public's demand for material products increases, labor costs continue to rise, and corporate costs increase.

Manual detection is inefficient

The overall technical level of bamboo and wood enterprises in the industry is low, and they are highly dependent on labor.The efficiency of manual detection is low, and the rate of false detection and missed detection is high.

low corporate profits

Bamboo and wood enterprises have insufficient scientific and technological innovation and research and development capabilities, insufficient utilization of upstream resources, low product added value, and low corporate profits.


The artificial intelligence algorithm, digital image analysis technology and automation technology independently developed by Emperor Vision Technology have greatly improved the efficiency of bamboo and wood production enterprises in the production process of feeding and sorting bamboo and wood, including fully automated intelligent feeding devices and intelligent bamboo strip selection robots. , realize automatic feeding, automatically filter inferior materials through AI technology, ensure the quality of raw materials, and avoid material waste; automatically classify defective bamboo strips, and color-separate non-defective bamboo strips. It solves the problems that bamboo enterprises cannot recruit production line workers, the efficiency of manual detection of bamboo strips is low, and the false detection and missed detection rate of workers are high.    

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AI intelligent production
The first in the industry to use AI technology to provide full-process intelligent production services for the bamboo and wood industry.
Digital global production Kanban
Track the whole process of production materials, control production quality from the source of production, reduce production losses, and collect production data, defect detection data, and yield analysis to form a digital global production Kanban.
Industry-leading AI recognition technology
Defects such as slivers, mildew spots, wormholes, etc. on each bamboo strip are clearly identified through AI technology. The correct rate of sorting of bad bamboo strips is as high as 99%, and the inspection rate of good bamboo strips is not more than 3%.
Reduce manual dependence
Reducing the dependence of production enterprises on labor, effectively reducing labor costs, production costs, and improving production efficiency through intelligent production equipment have been troubled by traditional manufacturing companies.
Adaptive Color Selection Algorithm
Supports a variety of color sorting modes: three-color (dark, medium, light), five-color (extra dark, dark, medium, light, extra light) and optional mode.
Flexible and efficient structural design
Surrounded by four sides without blind spot recognition, it supports sorting up to 50 bamboo strips (1 meter long) per minute, and the automatic adjustable robotic arm supports bamboo strips of any length between 1 and 2 meters.
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