Real-time Codec System
"IVHDMaker-C real-time system is a broadcast-level real-time encoding and decoding system with high image quality and low bit rate. It adopts advanced CPU+GPU heterogeneous encoding technology and can achieve the same Video quality effect and save 15%-30% bandwidth compared with the same type of encoders on the market. It supports multiple input and output interfaces, multiple output protocols, and multiple video coding formats such as H.264, H.265, MPEG2, AVS2, etc. IVHDMaker-C represents the latest technology in the industry and can be applied to many fields such as TV broadcasting, telecom operating, integrated media, and live video broadcasting."

IVHDMaker-C series real-time codec comparison effect


Technical Features


Video Enhancement Service

- Standard 1U chassis;    

- Advanced CPU+GPU heterogeneous coding technology;    

- Support H264 High 5.1/H265 Main 10/MPEG2/AVS2 video codec;    

- Support MP2/AAC/PCM/AC3 audio codec.    

Application Scenarios
Convergence Media
Live Video

Cooperation Cases

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