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With the rapid development of 4K/8K live and live streaming industry, live platforms of different scales appear and arise. Along with the popularity of 5G network, the total amount of video will continue to rise, most of the video will appear in the form of live streaming, a single video quality (bit rate, resolution) or fixed gear distribution strategy is difficult to adapt to different network needs.


High users requirements for video picture quality

With the development of UHD video, The scale of users continues to expand and widely distributed, and the network variability among users is large.

Video freezes seriously

The access time of live stream and video industry is concentrated, the online real-time interaction of a large number of users at the same time will lead to frequent data exchange, traffic surge.

High concurrent demand from video viewers

Events such as live stream tend to face the situation of downtime due to high equipment load or limited hardware resource, which often restricts the effect of operation and business.

Operating costs increase year by year

Combined with the increasing share of content distribution network costs, resulting in the need for more bandwidth, each year the major livestream platforms have to invest a lot of money in bandwidth.


Imperial Vision Technology based on the latest AI technology to provide innovative live video enhancement solutions, the streaming server will pull 4K live streams, generate real-time HD/4K live streams by high-performance decoding, AI video hyper-segmentation filter, encoding, support SDK licensing, and provide FFmpeg call interface, make it easy to integrate live platform to existing product processes as a unified overall process, through improving the bit rate of video and resolution to ensure that video clarity can be significantly improved.    

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Super Resolution
For the first time, Imperial Vision Technology's AI super-resolution algorithm has built a 150-layer neural network model through dense connection network technology to significantly improve the effect of reconstructed images.
Image Quality Restoration
AI-based 4K UHD video remastering technology can reset low resolution, low frame rate SDR video content to high resolution, high frame rate HDR 4K video, allowing users to enjoy image quality with super high definition.
Super Multiplier Transcoding
Advanced heterogeneous + slice transcoding technology deploys slice transcoding in dynamic distribution form to achieve ultra-real-time acceleration.
Color Enhancement
It can intelligently adjust the color saturation, brightness and contrast of the picture, significantly improve the hidden details of the picture, and make the picture information richer and the color more realistic.
Save bandwidth, with low latency
The same image quality can save 10%-16% bandwidth compared with similar encoding systems on the market, coexisting with traditional video encoding methods, enabling seamless cross-platform compatibility, and easily achieving high frame rate and low latency video experience.
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Radio & TV industry / Online live industry

Real-time image quality enhancement for livestream

Live Streaming Quality Improvement and Compression

Batch conversion to 4K videos

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    Utilizing AI+5G technology, the original historical videos and SD videos can be restored into HD/UHD videos at low cost and high efficiency, providing high-quality, The low-bandwidth 4K/8K UHD channel construction capability provides a powerful tool for UHD content creation.

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