The 4K Video Wireless Transmission System
The IVHDMaker-W 4K video wireless transmission system provides a comprehensive solution for broadcast-grade wireless and remote transmission of 4K live signals. It combines AI image quality enhancement technology, 5th generation mobile networks, high efficiency video coding, and SIP technology, and is a new generation of "4K+5G" broadcast-grade multi-channel HD wireless video solution, providing a variety of terminal carriers and AI wireless video transmission base station, which can be applied to outdoor sports events, reality TV programs and other wireless live scenarios.

4K live signal wireless remote transmission

Product Advantages

Technical Features


AI wireless video transmission base station

- Support up to 8 channels of 4K transmission; 
- 4G/5G mobile communication core technology; 
- Small and lightweight portable trolley style;
- Easy to carry and deploy; 
- Support wired network, fiber optic network or satellite network connection to public network.    

Application Scenarios
Outdoor Sporting Events
Live Reality Show
Live Media Coverage
Multi-Channel Video Monitoring

Cooperation Cases

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