Real-time Enhanced Codec System
IVHDMaker-ES real-time enhancement codec system is a professional-grade real-time codec system that supports upconversion of AI video's image quality and rapid construction of 4K/8K IP channels. It adopts CPU+GPU high-performance heterogeneous encoding technology and built-in deep learning AI technology to upconvert HD video to 4K UHD in real time from five dimensions, with up to 60fps real-time processing, saving 10%~16% broadband compared to similar encoders on the market for the same image quality. It can upconvert 4K video signal to 8K UHD video in real time with up to 50fps real time processing. The enhanced 8K picture quality is close to the real shooting video, with VMAF up to 98 points and PSNR over 40 points compared to the original 8K film, while the latency is within 500ms.

IVHDMaker ES Series Real-time Enhanced Codec Contrast Effect

Product Advantages

Technical Features


AI Image Quality Enhancement Engine

- Up to 2TFLOPS (2 trillion floating point calculations) generation per frame for single frame;
- Super Video Super Ratio algorithm makes upconversion from SD to HD/HD to 4K quality enhancement/4K to 8K reaching max. FPS50;
- Creativity Gamut color enhancement algorithm realizes BT.709 to BT.2020 AI color space mapping;
- HDR Tonemapping algorithm realizes SDR/LDR to HLG curve mapping;
- MEMC frame field adaptive/motion compensation de-interlacing algorithm;
- Denoise Adaptive Intensity Noise Reduction algorithm.    

Application Scenarios
Construct HD Channel
Utilize AI image quality enhancement technology to help TV stations perform SD to HD channel conversion and 4K/8K channel construction with high efficiency and low cost.
Boost Studio Signal
- Improve the signal quality of old, low-quality cameras; - Provide signal enhancement technology for HD signal, low-quality 4K/8K; - Save on equipment purchase costs."

Cooperation Cases

Beijing Radio and Television Station

The 8K UHD pilot channel for Winter Olympics Documentary of Beijing Radio and Television Station was officially launched on December 31, 2021. For the 8K live broadcast signal of the Winter Olympic Games on the 8K channel, Imperial Vision provides 8K UHD video broadcast enhancement system, which can realizes real-time enhancement of upconversion from SD, HD and 4K signals to 8K through AI technology, and at the same time down-conversion from 8K to 4K/HD signals, which help Beijing Radio and Television Station to perform 8K/4K and HD signals broadcasting together, ensure the best video quality of different signals.    

Henan Radio and Television Station

In the context of the national vigorous development of 4K technology, HTV wants to create a 4K broadcasting system to make up for the shortcomings of the station's UHD production and broadcasting capability.
Imperial Vision Technology provided a customized AI visual video enhancement & restoration system, enhanced the original HD signal to 4K and outputed it to the provincial IPTV broadcast control platform, which finally got through the IPTV of major operators to broadcast. 

China Mobile

In the 4K live broadcast of the 2021 Chinese Men's Handball Super League, Imperial Technology provided technical support for Migu Video's 4K online live broadcast, helping Migu Video to complete the live broadcast task with zero failures. 

Imperial Vision Technology utilized excellent AI technology to provide real-time enhanced encoding and decoding solutions for Migu Video, up-converting the HD signal to 4K UHD signal and outputting in real time, helping Migu Video to achieve a high frame rate and low latency live broadcast experience, Let fans enjoy a smooth and wonderful high-level professional league.    

Jiangsu Grand Theatre

Jiangsu Grand Theatre is  internal use of the video guide control link is HD and has only HD output signal source. When transmitting 4K signals to the outside world, Jiangsu Grand Theatre utilizes the IVHDMaker-ES real-time enhancement codec system of Imperial Vision Technology to achieve the retransmission of real-time signals meeting broadcasting standard of 4K image quality of National Radio and Television Administration, and to transmit the real-time enhanced 4K signal source to Jiangsu's provicial cable. The system provides the best quality 4K iamge and the best solution for Jiangsu Grand Theatre.    

The 14th National Games

In the 14th National Games, rock climbing and skateboarding entered the stage of the National Games as official competitions for the first time. 
In the skateboarding, mass badminton, and rock climbing, the competition organizer utilized the IVHDMaker-ES real-time enhancement codec system from Imperial Vision Technology to record live throughout the day, achieving high stability and high quality signal enhancement from HD to HD or 4K for multiple video channels, presenting a clearer and more realistic sport live.    

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