Automotive Glass Inspection Solutions
The tempered glass intelligent scanner automatically scans the state of the tempered glass fragments and outputs the inspection report, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency, improves the product production quality, promotes the digital management of the factory, and saves labor costs.


High false detection rate for manual detection

The human eye is not sensitive to small defects, and there is a risk of false detection and missed detection.

Manual detection is inefficient

The human eye cannot continuously and stably complete the high-intensity repetitive detection work, which will cause fatigue, slow detection speed and low efficiency.

Poor stability of manual detection

Manual detection and judgment are greatly affected by the operator's subjective, and have great instability and non-standard.

High operating costs

Difficulty in recruiting, hiring and rising labor costs put pressure on business operations and management.


Using the AI visual recognition and analysis technology independently developed by Emperor Vision Technology, it realizes automatic and intelligent detection of various point and linear appearance defects of automobile glass fragments, and solves the problem of high labor cost, high detection difficulty and high detection difficulty in glass panel production. Problems such as poor yield stability, effectively improve product quality and production capacity, and at the same time analyze defect data in multiple dimensions to help customers optimize processes, improve product yield, and achieve the necessary indicators for automotive glass damage safety.    

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Fast detection
The maximum scanning speed is 20m/min, and the maximum scanning accuracy is 600dpi, which is more than 50 times higher than traditional detection.
Large detection range
The whole piece of glass is automatically scanned and analyzed, and the effective scanning area is 1260mm*1800mm (customized size is supported).
High detection accuracy
The error of the number, length, weight and area of debris particles is less than or equal to 5%; Angle error: ±10%.
All detection indicators
Count the position of the 50mm*50mm rectangular area with the largest and smallest number of particles in the detection area, and mark the number of debris particles, the longest length, the largest area and the largest weight in the corresponding area.
Strong stability
The unified testing standard of testing equipment eliminates the subjectivity of manual testing, and the testing results are objective, stable and reliable.
data intelligence
The test results are digitally archived, the test report is automatically output, and the data analysis function is complete.
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