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Safety production is a long-term and basic job, but it is also a job that is easy to paralyze people. Whether it is an operator or a manager, due to various reasons, it is always easy to have fluke thoughts, paralyzing thoughts, and slack thoughts. Therefore, the safety production situation at the grassroots level is still not optimistic.


Lack of safety awareness

Production enterprises have weak safety awareness, lack scientific safety production concepts, do not pay enough attention to safety issues, and avoid safety production investment.

The quality of employees is low

Most of the grassroots employees are older and have a lower education level. In addition, the grassroots labor market is highly mobile, with uneven quality, high training costs, and poor results. It is not uncommon for them to take up jobs without safety skills training.

Difficulty in safety production supervision

In the face of many production enterprises, the supervision force is greatly limited, and it is impossible to supervise all aspects of the production unit.

It is difficult to build an information platform

The inconsistent production specifications of various industries, it is difficult to build a high-complexity information monitoring platform.


Based on the leading AI visual recognition technology, supported by the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and intelligent video analysis technology, it realizes safe production, AI video detection, intelligent identification and application, and provides a safe production monitoring solution that combines software and hardware. , images collected by cameras in workshops and construction sites, monitor whether employees comply with safety production standards, dress codes, and operating standards, detect employees and operating vehicles’ violations of leaving their posts, breaking in, and staying in violation of regulations, and assessing the management of safety production for enterprises. And use targeted improvement methods to provide accurate basis.    

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Lightweight deployment
It can be directly connected to the network video camera, pull the video stream in the local area network and perform intelligent analysis and processing on the terminal, upload the detection results to the cloud, reduce the network bandwidth cost of users, and be flexible, convenient and easy to deploy.
Intelligent early warning analysis
Realize the interconnection of data between multiple platforms, break through information barriers, and make early warnings for illegal operations through multi-dimensional data, and push detection and alarm information to users in real time to avoid security accidents.
High computing power AI model
Through massive computing power models, the detection and identification of illegal actions, operation risks, and fault information in complex environments such as dynamic images and long distances can be calculated at high speed. Target.
Video automatic inspection
Customize video inspection content, collect effective key information, set regular inspection time periods and export inspection reports, which can effectively save human resources, greatly reduce labor costs, and improve video analysis efficiency.
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Safety Production Specifications

Automatic analysis of security risks

Video violation detection

Monitoring and early warning of major hazards

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