AI video analysis intelligent terminal
The AI video analysis all-in-one machine is a lightweight, intelligent, edge-deployable video detection and identification intelligent terminal sentinel independently developed by Emperor Vision Technology. The system is oriented towards the field of video and monitoring. It has preset rich Al video detection and recognition skills. It can be directly connected to the network video camera, pull the video stream in the local area network, perform intelligent analysis and processing on the terminal, and upload the detection results to the cloud. Reduce the network bandwidth cost of users, flexible and convenient, easy to deploy. It can be directly used in factory and construction site safety production, video violation content review, park safety monitoring, environmental protection testing, gas station safety monitoring, fire detection and other application scenarios.

Product Advantages


Construction site safety helmet inspection

Attendance at gate entrance and exit

Gas tank filling monitoring

Dust and smoke detection

Bright Kitchen Stove

Video Violation Review


In the construction site environment, the price comparison is complicated, the distance is relatively long, the characteristics of safety risk are relatively obvious, and the detection rate is relatively high. However, the texture features of the head are not very obvious, resulting in a low head detection rate. The target detection rate is over 80% under the zoom of 3-5 times, and difficult targets can be found within 5 seconds.

High-altitude tower crane safety helmet detection performance

Safety helmet detection accuracy: 0.909548               

Head detection accuracy: 0.941176    

Gate Exit

Gate entry and exit attendance: Count the number of employees entering and exiting the gates in construction sites, parks and other areas to identify whether they meet the safety standards for wearing helmets, masks, etc. to enter the park, so as to achieve intelligent attendance

Label Description

-I : entry gate    

-O : Exit gate    

-N : no helmet    

-W : Carry a hard hat, but not wear it    

Red frame: no helmet    

Green frame: wear a helmet    

AI picture detection server 1. Provide detection parameter configuration interface: configure filling station number, name, position information of each scale on the picture 2. Provide picture upload interface: parameters include picture, filling station number, time; return to test each scale With or without liquefied gas cylinder status

Plan Description

1. The platform scale reports the filling status information to the management platform every 15 minutes (to be determined). Delays or failures are regarded as violations.    

2. The management platform obtains a screenshot of the video of the filling station every minute (the time can be configured), and sends it to the Al image detection server to analyze whether there are liquefied gas cylinders on the scale.    

In construction sites, roads, factory workshops, catering kitchens, outdoor forest areas and other scenarios, monitor whether there is dust, smoke, etc., and timely alarm reminders to reduce pollution to the atmospheric environment and personal and property damage caused by fires.

Label Description

-S : smoke and dust    

Based on artificial intelligence visual detection and analysis technology, it can intelligently monitor the sanitation status and operation specifications of the back kitchen, effectively guarantee the status of kitchen safety guards, reduce labor supervision costs, and improve the supervision efficiency of law enforcement departments.

Detection Parameters

Human body testing, no masks, no hats, no gloves, smoking, uncovered trash cans for a long time, dirty and messy    

For videos broadcast on offline large screens such as squares, shopping malls, hospitals, and governments, intelligently identify whether they contain pornography, violence, terrorism, politics and other illegal content, and block the broadcast content in advance to avoid public broadcast accidents

Label Description

Terrorist Tags    

-NV : normal        

-S : special symbol    

-W : war scene    

-B : bloody scene     

Yellow Label    

-NY : normal    

-O : porn    

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