Visual Video Enhancement and Repair Platform
IVHDMaker-FS's visual video enhancement and restoration platform IVEdit is a multi-functional visual video enhancement and restoration system, which si a TV Station- and Video Editor-oriented production platform for small batch of videos. Users can quickly and efficiently complete visual material enhancement and repair, add artificial intelligence effects, edit or transcode videos as well as other functions on the platform.

IVHDMaker FS Series AI Video Enhanced Contrast Effect

Product Advantages

Technical Features

Separation of Character in Video

Support separation of character in green screen and non-green screen with one-click.


Al descratch algorithm based on temporal information.
Support model selection and remove special scratches.    

Up-conversion of Video Quality: Enhancement of Super-resolution

Support original ratio, black welt and smart welting.

Video HDR, SDR Tone-Mapping

Support selection between model and curve.    

SD to HD, HD to 4K

Support SD video to HD video, HD video to 4K video    

Remove Logos, Watermarks, Mosaic in Video

Support users in the processing interface to mark the logo, watermark, mosaic.    

Video Color Enhancement

Support model selection to cope with different scenarios.
Supports adjustable color intensity.    

Video Denoising

Al denoising algorithm based on temporal information, 3D denoising 
Support adjustable 3D denoising intensity.    

Video Anti-aliasing

Support adjustable anti-aliasing strength.    

Enhancement without changing resolution

Support adjustable enhancement strength.    


Support sharpening intensity adjustable    


Support automatic coloring in black and white areas with one-click.    

Application Scenarios
Material production
Video beautification editing
Renovation of old videos

Cooperation Cases

Nanjing Army Command College

Nanjing Army Command College  has some old material of propaganda, education and new, whose quality didn't meet the current requirements of mainstream broadcasting.Imperial Vision Technology provides the solution of AI visual enhancement and restoration platform for Nanjing Army Command College, realizes the enhancement and restoration of old historical materials of it and improves the repeated utilization of media resources, completes the secondary editing of documentaries, news features, help Nanjing Army Command College present a better teaching and propaganda picture quality.    

Henan TV Station

Henan TV Station(abbr. HTV) was launched on September 15th, 1969, is the satellite channel of Henan Broadcasting System. In the context of the national vigorous development of 4K technology, HTV wants to create a 4K broadcasting system to make up for the shortcomings of the station's UHD production and broadcasting capability.
Combined with the situation of HTV and it's satellite channel, Imperial Vision Technology provides a customized AI visual video enhancement & restoration system, upgrades the SD, HD videos of HTV by AI technology with fast speed and low cost.    

Changchun Film Studio

Imperial Vision Technology and Changchun Film Studio jointly build AI-Video-UHD-Lab for difficulties of UHD video. Through in-depth cooperation in the fields of technology and copyright and utilization of AI restoration technology, two sides restored mold, scratched, shaking and many other problem of old movies together, contribute to develop the film industry.
What's more, Imperial Vision Technology had combined AI technology and manual refinement to restore and enhance Movie "Children of Heroes" to 4K, which was first screened at the 16th Changchun Film Festival's "Tribute to the Classics" exhibition.    

Gansu Provincial Party College

Relying on its excellent technology, Imperial Vision Technology provided customized AI visual video restoration and enhancement system, help Gansu Provincial Party College construct their video edit studio and realize the enhancement and restoration of historical education material, enrich the teaching material, improve its teaching level and quality.    

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