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Recruitment Concept

Write to future Division people:    

We are young and fearless, we have dreams and wisdom.    

if you are like us    

Believe that artificial intelligence is changing the world    

And you are the god who understands the algorithm and will develop it    

A market expert who plays with the media and communicates well    

Efficient pursuit of perfect executives    

So, we can make an appointment to discuss    

I believe you will resonate with us    

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Working Environment

Dishi Welfare

Paid Leave

General holidays: statutory holidays, annual leave, sick leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, work injury leave Women's holidays: maternity leave, breastfeeding leave, half-day leave for Goddess Day Holidays for Men: Paternity Leave All kinds of paid holidays, only you can't think of it

Health Benefits

Statutory benefits: five insurances and one housing fund for entry, the highest proportion of provident fund, paid in full Annual physical examination: an employee physical examination every year to escort health Group accident insurance: worry-free travel, worry-free work, guaranteed personal safety

Tongue Welfare

Snack afternoon tea: unlimited snacks, coffee is up to you Monthly Meal Supplement: Meal Supplement accompanies after work

Fun Activities

Birthday party, annual meeting: Let's eat together and have fun together Outdoor team building: a different kind of fun, endless joy Birthday: Your birthday is the biggest, and the cake food welfare card belongs to you Festivals: Dragon Boat Festival dumplings for you, Mid-Autumn Festival Qibo cakes, Chinese New Year spree, flowers of the Goddess of March 8, programmers' surprise gift...

Intimate Service

Cao Cao's travel: no payment for business travel, minutes with one click Taobao No advance payment for public online shopping, more convenient purchase and payment

Emperor Vision Talent

Great God is by your side: Ph.D. and Master, all of your colleagues Talent subsidies: specific talents, enjoy government policy subsidies
Cultivation System
New Employee Inclusion Program
Build a professional and personal connection environment for new employees, so as to help new employees quickly familiarize themselves with the company culture, understand their job responsibilities, and start the journey of success!
Artificial Intelligence Course Module
Help technicians to improve the core knowledge of artificial intelligence, Python programming, neural network, digital image processing, digital signal processing, human-computer interaction and other technical hard core knowledge!
Industry Introductory Training Courses
Comprehensive industry training courses, one-on-one teaching by senior employees, are all helping new employees to quickly understand industry knowledge, familiarize themselves with the company's business processes, and quickly advance through project actual combat!

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